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The one thing that Ashok does best is . . .

“Ashok is very organized, efficient and makes the best use of time. He is also a very good listener to his clients’ needs. Everything went very smoothly. I really appreciated all his help at time when I really needed it!”
— Connie Anderson, Buyer

“He makes them feel as though he is really working hard for his clients.”
— Wayne and Pam Benbow, Seller & Buyer

“He is so thorough that he conveys an air of total competence to represent his clients. In addition, the professionalism shown in negotiations with other agents made us feel we had an advocate and expert working for us.”
— Munish Seller


“Befriends his clients with honesty! Does research that enables him to know what their personal desires, goals and requirements are, and supports them through an exhausting process!”
—Pam, Buyer


“Keeps you well informed. Communicates effectively. Is very honest.”
— Pino   Seller & Buyer

“Be patient and understanding – made me feel as though I was the most important client he had.”
— Mahal Family, Buyer

“Makes himself very available to his clients. He is easy to get in touch with and returns our calls promptly. He stays in contact with us.”
— Pam Bhardwaj, Buyer

 “Prepare the buyer for the home buying experience in a new city, determine their needs, and guide them in making an informed decision.”
— Ann Mark & Mary Gallardo, Buyer

“Being honest. He’s also sincere and on every occasion showed me he was working in my best interest. His attention to detail and follow-up is outstanding!!”
— Nadia Gignac, Buyer

“He was very available to spend time taking us out looking for homes, very attentive to our concerns, very good at returning our phone calls in timely manner. Very professional, but also approachable and trustworthy. Patient in answering our questions. We felt like he was very much on top of things in the field of real estate and that he likes his job and enjoys people.”
— Holly & Rob Abott   Buyer


“He stays at the conservative end of a buyer’s limits and is observant of pros and cons of each house. Marty is very organized when showing homes.”
— Khalil, Seller

“Have the understanding and patience necessary when assisting clients with what may be the single most important purchase in their lives. I enjoyed working with Marty, particularly his sense of humor and the little details he shared regarding his own life and career.”
— Geoffrey Jacob, Buyer

“He is genuinely concerned and interested in finding the home that is right for you – not just making the sale!”
— Mingh Lee, Buyer

“Everything went perfectly smoothly thanks to Marty. He was always prompt and responsive to our needs. We had always heard horrible things about buying a house and none of those were true working with Ashok. He made it a painless, enjoyable experience.”
—Sussanna Huang, Buyer

“Ashok was a tremendous help to me as first time home buyers. He did an excellent job of pointing out potential problem areas of my condo.building,He was always straightforward and was genuinely interested in making our first experience as homeowners a positive one.”
— Matthew Smith, Buyer

“He was very helpful before, during, and even after the sale. As a first time buyer, Ashok was very helpful with all financial arrangements. I knew what I was getting into financially, besides just the house price. It was very important for me to know all the costs involved, before even starting to look at houses.”
— Sumara Jamil, Buyer

“Provide open, honest, candid feedback about homes, properties, and neighborhoods.”
— Waleed Jamil, Buyer

“Really makes clients feel he is representing their best interests, not just the commission he is going to get out of the sale. He is a great negotiator!”
— Prem Dandapani, Buyer

“Knows his market. Interprets needs of clients. Recognizes potential problems in a home or area for the client that the client might not recognize.”
— Crompton Family,Seller

“Everything. I have yet to meet an individual as prepared, accessible and professional about meeting his clients’ needs as Ashok.”
—Sonia Arora, Seller